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What is the .TMD file type?

The .tmd filename suffix is primarily associated with the TextMaker Document (.tmd) file type and format. TextMaker by SoftMaker Software GmbH is a standalone commercial word processing application for Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and Android, and also part of the SoftMaker Office (FreeOffice) suite. TextMaker saves its documents in its own proprietary format (.tmd).

The .tmd file, thus, is a TextMaker document. Such files can be opened and edited in TextMaker only, although TextMaker allows to export its documents to other popular office formats, like .docx (Microsoft Word), using its "Save as..." menu command. Several sample documents (e.g., "Invoice.tmd") are provided with the default TextMaker installation. During installation TextMaker registers its .tmd file type and associates itself with it, so that .tmd documents can be opened with the default GUI action (usually, double-click).

The .tmd extension also represents the World Machine World (.tmd) file type and the associated binary format used by World Machine, a commercial terrain generation software from World Machine Software, LLC. The .tmd file stores a world's terrain features generated with World Machine: height maps, grass, snow, rock, and other masks and layers, clouds, and others. Opening and editing TMD files requires World Machine. Once opened, a world (.tmd) can be rendered into photorealistic pictures taken from arbitrary angles.

In the scope of the popular open-source database management system (DBMS) MySQL, the .tmd extension is assigned to the intermediary table files, automatically created by the MySQL engine for certain table operations (repair, optimization). Here, the .tmd file is a temporary copy of the respective table file (.myd) that stores the table's data while the table is being modified. Although leftover TMD files are sometimes useful as incidental backups, they are generally safe to delete, if the tables are operational.

Another association of the .tmd extension belongs to the AeroFly FS Aircraft Properties (.tmd) file type. AeroFly FS (Flight Simulator) is a highly realistic commercial aviation simulator developed by IPACS. In AeroFly FS, the .tmd file is a text list of an aircraft model's properties in a special syntax. Used in conjunction with other aircraft description files (.obj and .tmg), TMD files can be opened and modified in a text editor.

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