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What is the .TRE file type?

The filename extension .tre primarily denotes the Maximum Clade Credibility (MCC) Tree (.tre) file type associated with data analysis in phylogenetics. MCC trees (.tre) represents the most probable (credible) results of a Bayesian inference analysis run against a given set of phylogenetic data. A .tre file is a single MCC tree. It contains a tree-like structured set of geographically referenced or indexed phylogenetic data, usually referred to as the R-tree. The .tre file itself is a large text document that can be directly opened in a text editor, however, its meaningful representation is only possible with a proper analysis or visualization tool. Generated by such software as BEAST (Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Sampling Trees), MCC trees are used to conduct phylogeographic studies and can be visually plotted using dedicated tools such as FigTree. To be visualized in Google Earth, MCC trees (.tre) can be converted to KML.

Alternatively, the .tre extension represents the CCS C Compiler Call Tree (.tre) file type, with reference to a series of code-generation tools for programming PIC microcontrollers (Microchip Technology Inc.), commercially available from CCS, Inc. Besides the standalone CCS C Compiler, such tools include the PCW integrated development environment and its subversions. A call tree (.tre) file contains a complete list of functions calls in a given C project, along with memory usage data for each function. Call trees (.tre) serve to facilitate debugging and code optimization.

Apart from the above, the .tre extension may occur in connection with filesystem directory trees generated by various filesystem management tools and saved as .tre files. In this context, a .tre file is a hierarchically structured list of file and folder names, representing the contents of a given directory. Although directory trees (.tre) may use a number of arbitrary formats, such files are normally text-based.

Software to open or convert TRE files

You can open TRE files with the following programs:
MEGA6 by Center for Evolutionary Medicine and Informatics
ImageMagick -7 Q16 (2012-03-01)
ImageMagick -7 Q16 (2012-03-01) by ImageMagick Studio LLC
TreeView X
TreeView X by Roderic D. M. Page

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