UEAF File Extension

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What is the .UEAF file type?

The .ueaf filename extension denotes the UPEK Encrypted Archive File (.ueaf) file type and format used by the legacy Protector Suite QL fingerprint-based data security software from UPEK, Inc. (merged with AuthenTec and later acquired by Apple Inc.). Often bundled with laptop and notebook devices equipped with a fingerprint reader (e.g., Sony VGN-UX380N), Protector Suite QL allowed to set up so-called File Safe archives that contained one or more encrypted files, protected through the user's fingerprints.

The .ueaf file is an encrypted archive created in Protector Suite QL from a single user file. Besides fingerprint-based encryption, such files could additionally have conventional password protection. Encrypted archives with multiple files inside were denoted with the .uea extension. Encrypted Protector Suite QL archives (.uea, .ueaf) can be opened and decrypted in Protector Suite QL only, provided that a fingerprint scanner is present and operational, and reliable identification is possible (no finger injuries, etc.). Without proper decryption, the contents of any .ueaf or .uea file are totally useless.


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