VAULT File Extension

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What is the .VAULT file type?

The primary association of the .vault extension goes with the McAfee File Lock Vault (VAULT) file type and format. This format/file type is used with the File Lock feature within McAfee Total Protection (TP), a subscription-based commercial security suite for Microsoft Windows by McAfee, Inc. McAfee TP uses a digital vault concept to offer anti-theft protection of valuable and/or sensitive user data.

With McAfee TP, a .vault file is a large binary file whose contents are encrypted with the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) strong encryption algorithm, so that they cannot be accessed without proper password-based authentication and decryption. If a matching password has been entered, McAfee mounts the .vault file as a virtual local drive and maintains transparent encryption of all data saved into it.

VAULT files can be copied, renamed, moved or backed up just like any other files. The default location of .vault files is the "C:\users\[user]\AppData\local\McAfee Anti Theft" directory.

Alternatively, the .vault extension is also associated with the Fontcase Vault (.vault) file type/format. Fontcase is a commercial Mac OS X font management software product by Bohemian Coding. It uses binary .vault files to store font library data. Such .vault files are not document files, but rather part of the application's 'under-the-hood' workings. Fontcase .vault files are normally placed in the "~/Library/Application Support/Fontcase/" directory.

In a general sense, the .vault extension may be used with any strongly encrypted (Blowfish, AES etc.) container files that can be considered secure storage entities (digital vaults) for all kinds of sensitive information. Such .vault files may be created by different applications and used in different areas.

Software to open or convert VAULT files

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