VC4 File Extension

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What is the .VC4 file type?

Along with several other filename extensions matching the .vc[n] pattern, with [n] a single-digit number, the .vc4 extension denotes the Virtual CD Disk Image (.vc4, etc.) file type. It is a proprietary disk image format with compression and encryption support natively used in Virtual CD, a versatile commercial media virtualization utility from H+H Software GmbH.

A native Virtual CD image is a multi-file entity comprised of the image control file (.vc4 or other), the data files (.000, .001, etc.), the icon file (.ico), and the log file (.vbl). The control file's numerical index indicates the level of backward compatibility, denoting the lowest version of Virtual CD that can open the image (for .vc4, it is Virtual CD 4). The actual data is located in the files .000, .001, and so on. Virtual CD images (.vc4, etc.) are placed into the "%Public%\Virtual CDs" directory by default.

Using the Image Converter tool included in the Virtual CD software, any Virtual CD image (.vc4, etc.) can be converted to a standard ISO (.iso) file. Besides Virtual CD, its native images can be opened with different extent of support in several other similar utilities.

Software to open or convert VC4 files

You can open VC4 files with the following programs:
IsoBuster by Smart Projects
UltraISO by EZB Systems

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