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What is the .VCL file type?

The .vcl filename extension has its primary association with the Visual Component Library (VCL) File (.vcl) file type and format. A once revolutionary technology incepted and developed by Borland and taken over by Embarcadero later, VCL is a streamlined, unified way to create user interfaces (UI's) for Microsoft Windows applications written in Delphi (Object Pascal).

A .vcl file is a component library, a repository of visual and non-visual UI controls for Delphi applications. It is a binary file in a proprietary format intended to be used within Embarcadero Delphi (Embarcadero RAD Studio). For all controls used in a Delphi programming project, the respective .vcl files must be available for linkage and compilation.

In addition to the default VCL repositories shipped with Embarcadero Delphi (Embarcadero RAD Studio), custom-designed UI elements made as VCL libraries are often distributed commercially.

Alternatively, the .vcl extension also serves to denote the Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) File (.vcl) file type. Varnish is a commercial web accelerator software, a reverse proxy server that caches outgoing traffic of an HTTP server, boosting its performance. VCL is a special-purpose contextual programming language used to tailor Varnish to any specific needs.

A .vcl file is a Varnish configuration file. It is a regular text file with the VCL source code inside. The global configuration file is "/etc/varnish/default.vcl," while each domain covered by Varnish additionally has its own .vcl file. The VCL code inside a .vcl file is parsed, converted to C, and compiled into a shared object.

Besides, as a short for 'Vehicle,' the .vcl extension also stands for the Vehicle File (.vcl) file type/format with reference to the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (TCGR) cross-platform video game series by Red Strom Entertainment (Ubisoft). In TCGR, .vcl files are used to store vehicle model definitions. Such vehicle files (.vcl) are often subject to modding.

Vocola (Voice Command Language, abbreviated) uses the .vcl extension as a label for its voice command files (.vcl). Vocola uses text-only .vcl files to match spoken voice commands to keyboard keypresses through simple assignment statements. Vocola .vcl files can be viewed and edited in a text editor.

In the CAD realm, the .vcl extension is known through its association with the ArCon Export CAD File (.vcl) file type/format utilized for data exchange purposes between the ArCon Eleco (ProjectSoft, ArCon) and the ViCADo (mb AEC Software GmbH) architectural design suites. A .vcl file is a ArCon project exported in a special format that can be imported in ViCADo.

In the scope of the AStalavista genetics and bioinformatics research software, the .vcl extension is used to denote the VCL (VCF-like) file format, with VCF standing for the Variant Call Format. VCL is similar to VCF, being an adapted version of the latter to allow for multi-variant splice sites. The VCL format has two sub-formats, Alpha and Beta.

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