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What is the .W2P file type?

The primary association of the .w2p extension belongs to the web2py Application Package (.w2p) file type. web2py is a free and open Python-based framework for developing and hosting web applications. web2py uses applications written in Python that come as archive packages directly installable from the web2py administration panel.

A web2py application package (.w2p) is a compressed archive file. In fact, W2P packages are TAR+GZIP archives, following the conventional Unix-style packaging format. A .w2p file contains several directories with Python programs (plaintext .py files) packaged into a TAR archive (tarball) and compressed with the GZIP algorithm (gzipped).

W2P files are meant to be used with the web2py framework. However, because they are regular archives, W2P files can be opened, and their contents explored and viewed with any archive manager that supports TAR+GZIP. With some archivers, it may be necessary to change the extension to .tgz (or .tar.gz) first.

Besides, the .w2p extension can be occasionally encountered in association with the Webit Project (.w2p) file type introduced and used by Webit, an older WYSIWYG-style web page editor by X-Volt Studios.

Software to open or convert W2P files

You can open W2P files with the following programs:
WindPRO by EMD International A/S
Google Chrome
Google Chrome by Google Inc.
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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