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What is the .WBC file type?

The .wbc filename extension is mainly known thanks to its association with the Webshots Collection (.wbc) file type. The .wbc file type had been introduced in The Webshots Desktop, a legacy Microsoft Windows application that was made available to the users of the Webshots photographic content delivery service (when still owned by AGCM, Inc.). A .wbc file represented a collection of multiple wallpaper or screensaver images for The Webshots Desktop, usually downloaded from the Webshots site. Like the .wb1 format used for individual images, WBC was proprietary and intended to be read by the Webshots application only. The newer Webshots application from Threefold Photos cannot recognize or open legacy Webshots images (.wb1) or collections (.wbc), requiring external conversion. Besides the official Webshots Conversion Tool, available from Webshots, a number of other online and standalone converters exist that can translate the .wbc and .wb1 files to a standard format like JPEG.

The .wbc extension is also related to the WIBU-KEY License File (.wbc) file type represented through the "wkfirm.wbc" or "CmFirm.wbc" file. The .wbc file contains a unique license issued to a firm customer of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, enabling the use of their WIBU-KEY ("wkfirm.wbc") or the newer CodeMeter ("CmFirm.wbc") license control and copy protection dongle-based system. Also known as the Firm Key, or remote programming context file, the .wbc file must be placed in the "..\WIBUKEY\Devkit\bin" folder.

Software to open or convert WBC files

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