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What is the .WDT file type?

The .wdt filename extension associates primarily with the WinSQL Schema Diff Template (WDT) file type. WinSQL is a popular versatile relational database administration and development tool by Synametrics Technologies, Inc. WinSQL uses ODBC (Open Database Connectivity Interface) and provides a set of standard templates for database management actions.

Diff is a shortcut for 'difference,' and WDT schema diff templates are used to compare database schemas and find differences between them. A .wdt file is a plaintext file that contains an XML-based definition of a schema diff procedure. Recent WinSQL versions (6.5+) use an XML-based format for their WDT schema diff templates, making it easy to view and edit .wdt template files with a text editor, while earlier versions used a binary format.

In relation to the AutoCAD family, the .wdt extension can also be associated with the AutoCAD Electrical Title Block Mapping (WDT) file type. AutoCAD Electrical is a well-established powerful CAD (Computer Aided Design) software solution for design of electrical systems and circuit engineering. WDT title block mapping files are ASCII project-type files used to define type, dimensions and position of title blocks on AutoCAD Electrical drawings. If a .wdt file with a project's name is absent in the project directory, the default mapping file ('default.wdt') is used.

In software development, the .wdt extension can be associated with the WinDev Window Template (WDT) file type and format. WinDev and WinDev Mobile are IDE (Integrated Development Environment) solutions that use a 4th generation language (WLanguage) and belong to the RAD (Rapid Application Development) class. In WinDev, .wdt files store pre-designed window templates with pre-arranged controls for quick creation of new windows or application to existing windows.

Software to open or convert WDT files

You can open WDT files with the following programs:
WinSQL by Synametrics Technologies
U-Tab by WCS
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team

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