WPL File Extension

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What is the .WPL file type?

WPL files are used for storing multimedia playlists and paths to them. They are a handy way of organizing and managing music files on a PC as well as facilitating the process of selecting necessary songs from large databases.

Files saved with the .wpl extension are based on the SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) structure and XML format. They do not any contain any actual video or audio information at all. Instead, WPL files store just a list of references to multimedia files.

The WPL file format belongs to Microsoft Corporation and is used by default for all playlists created within their Windows Media Player versions 9 - 12. You can modify a .wpl file by adding or removing songs or videos from the related playlist.

Besides Windows Media Player, you can open playlists saved in the .wpl file format using other software applications available on the web. It is also possible to convert .wpl files into another file format to avoid the "unsupported format" error on Mac or Linux.

Software to open or convert WPL files

You can open WPL files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
ALLPlayer V6.X
ALLPlayer V6.X by ALLPlayer Group, Ltd.
Wondershare Player(Build)

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