Opening WSP files

Have a problem opening a .WSP file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what WSP files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .WSP file type?

Primarily, the .wsp filename extension relates to the Microsoft SharePoint web publishing technology, denoting the Microsoft SharePoint Solution Package (.wsp) file type. The .wsp file wraps a set of features, styles, and/or site definitions that can be deployed on a SharePoint server. Solution packages (.wsp) are usually added and installed by system administrators from the SharePoint command console. Since such WSP files use the common Microsoft Cabinet (CAB) file format, manually changing the file's extension to .cab allows to explore/modify its contents.

Besides, the .wsp extension denotes the Paint Shop Pro Workspace (.wsp) file type and format. WSP is a proprietary binary format that was used by several previous versions (7.0 and earlier) of Paint Shop Pro, a commercial graphics editor by JASC Software (later, Corel Corp.), to save workspaces. A workspace (.wsp) is a snapshot of the current editing environment, including menu, grid and guide settings, toolbar positions, and references to opened images. Workspaces can be saved and loaded in Paint Shop Pro at any time. Since Paint Shop Pro 8.0, workspace files are saved in a different format and have the verbose .PSPWorkspace suffix.

WinShell, a freeware LaTeX and TeX authoring tool for Microsoft Windows developed by Ingo H. de Boer, uses the .wsp extension for its WinShell Project (.wsp) files. A WinShell project is a regular text file that uses an INI-syle syntax to provide relative references to TeX files, tables, figures, and other items that belong to a single project. Besides WinShell, any .wsp project file can be opened in a text editor.

In relation to Rational Rose, a legacy UML-based software development environment by Rational Software (IBM), the .wsp extension represents the Rational Rose Workspace (.wsp) file type/format. Saved in the "Workspaces" subdirectory by default, workspaces (.wsp) provide different views and states for a given Rational Rose model (.mdl) and are often distributed together with it.

Additionally, the .wsp extension represents the Graphite Whisper Database (.wsp) file type and format used in Graphite, an open-source software performance monitoring system. Such a .wsp file is a database in the Whisper format that stores timestamped numeric values of a performance log. On GNU/Linux systems, all Whisper databases (.wsp) are stored under "/opt/graphite/storage/whisper/" or "/var/lib/carbon/whisper/" (CentOS). At the command line, one can view a Whisper database with the "" script command.

Software to open or convert WSP files

You can open WSP files with the following programs:
Paint Shop Pro
Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software Inc
PICAXE Editor by Revolution Education Ltd

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