WVX File Extension

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What is the .WVX file type?

The .wvx filename extension belongs to the Windows Media Audio/Video Playlist (.wvx) file type, with reference to the Windows Media multimedia system developed by Microsoft on the basis of their proprietary Advanced Systems Format (ASF). Windows Media metafiles (playlists) use Microsoft's Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX) XML-based format.

The .wvx file is a Windows Media metafile. It is a normal text file with a list of entries in the ASX syntax, acting as a playlist for remotely or locally hosted Windows Media items that are accessed and stream-played in sequence. Unlike .wax playlists that can only reference Windows Media Audio (WMA), WVX playlists are permitted to reference both video (.wmv) and audio (.wma) files as well as ASF containers (.asf). Being text files, Windows Media metafiles contain no waveform or video data.

On Microsoft Windows, the .wvx file type is pre-associated with Windows Media Player (WMP). Besides WMP, such playlists are supported and can be opened by several other multimedia players. Additionally, any Windows Media playlist (.wvx, .wax, asx) can be opened in a text editor as XML code.

Software to open or convert WVX files

You can open WVX files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
GOM Player
GOM Player by Gretech Corporation
GOM Player
GOM Player by GOM & Company
PotPlayer by Kakao Corp.

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