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What is the .XAC file type?

The primary association of the .xac filename extension belongs to the Allplan BCM Exported Quantities (.xac) file type. Allplan BCM is a commercial Computer-Aided Architecture Design (CAAD) system from Nemetschek Allplan GmbH that provides advanced Building Cost Management (BCM) functions for construction contractors.Among its other features, Allplan BCM allows to export quantity data as .xac files.

The .xac file is regular text file that contains a list of tab-separated or comma-separated values of material quantities required for an Allplan construction project. Such files can be easily imported in any spreadsheet application (e.g., Microsoft Excel) for the purpose of review and/or modification. To re-import a modified .xac file in Allpan BCM, it should be saved as a tab-separated text (.txt), with its extension changed manually to .xac.

In addition to that, the .xac extension serves as a designation of 3D model files in computer games. Such files use a proprietary 3D format referred to as XAC. Most notably, XAC is utilized in such games as Medieval Mayor, SimCity Societies, Caesar IV, and several others published by Tilted Mill Entertainment. Besides, DK Online, a fantasy MMORPG from Aeria Games, and many other online games follow suit and utilize the same format or its subversions for their model files, keeping the same extension (.xac).

The .xac file represents a static 3D model, with its meshes, materials, and surfaces. Model animations are stored in different files (.xsm). XAC models are typically produced by exporting from Autodesk 3ds Max using certain proprietary plugins. Several unofficial import scripts exist which enable import of .xac models back to 3ds Max.

In older versions of the open-source accounting program GnuCash (2.2.x and earlier), the .xac extension was used to denote backup files. The .xac file is an automatic backup created by GnuCash in the same directory each time modifications are made to the main data file (used to have no extension). In later versions, the use of filename extensions in GnuCash has been brought to consistency, and the .gnucash extension became the official one for all GnuCash data files.

Besides, with reference to the XMetal XML/SGML document authoring software from JustSystems, the .xac extension stands for the XMetal Application Customization (XAC) file type. Along with XML schemas and Document Type Definitions (DTD's), XAC files serve to deploy customized XMetal environments. Each .xac file is a regular XML document that can be viewed/edited in a text editor.

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