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What is the .XLG file type?

Most commonly, the .xlg extension occurs in association with the AutoCAD External Reference (XREF) Log (.xlg) file type/format. AutoCAD is a collective name of the powerful suite of task-oriented Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications by Autodesk.

An .xlg file is basically a log file created automatically for any external references made from within a regular AutoCAD project (.dwg). XLG files are saved in the same directory as their projects, tending to take up several times more disk space as the project files themselves. Whether or not XLG logs should be created by AutoCAD is controlled by its XREFCTL system registry variable (default: 0, i.e. .xlg logs are not created).

XREF logs (.xlg) are quite safe to delete to redeem disk space.

Referring to the ISpell spellchecking system, the .xlg extension denotes the ISpell Base Words List (.xlg) file type. An .xlg file is a regular text file with a long list of all base words included in an ISpell dictionary. When processed by the spellchecking engine, words in the .xlg file are combined with prefixes and suffixes supplied in the affix (.aff) file, yielding a complete wordlist. Compressed .xlg files usually receive the .hash extension.

Another occurrence of the .xlg extension has to do with the Silk Test TrueLog File (.xlg) file type and format. Silk Test by Micro Focus (formerly, Borland) is a comprehensive application testing and profiling suite, bundling TrueLog as a versatile logging tool. An .xlg file is an application behavior log file created by TrueLog in a special format, optionally embedding bitmap and GUI control screenshots. TrueLog (.xlg) files can be opened and reviewed using the Silk TrueLog Explorer tool.

Apart from that, the .xlg extension also stands for the XTrace Log File (.xlg) file type/format. XTrace is a diagnostic logging tool bundled with the LANDesk security and management software. An .xlg file is a diagnostic log generated by XTrace against one of the LANDesk application components. An XLG log would borrow the name of its target component and would be saved in the same directory.

In the scope of the Xenetech Graphic Workstation, the software part of the engraving systems marketed by Xenetech, the .xlg extension represents the Xenetech Logo (.xlg) file type and format. XLG is a special graphical file format used to store engraving designs (logos). An assortment of sample logos (.xlg), located in the "C:\XFILES\XLG" folder, is provided with the software.

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