XLK File Extension

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What is the .XLK file type?

The .xlk filename extension represents the Microsoft Office Excel Backup File (XLK) file type. Excel is the spreadsheet component of the popular commercial office productivity suite Microsoft Office.

An .xlk file is an automatic backup of an Excel workbook. XLK files use the same internal format as the regular Excel documents (.xlsx or .xls), and an .xlk backup is always saved in the same directory as the original document. XLK files are normally named following the "Backup of [filename].xlk" pattern. An XLK backup is updated every time its original document is saved.

To restore an Excel workbook from its .xlk backup, one has to locate the .xlk file and open it with a double-click or alternatively, which should lead to the invocation of Microsoft Office Excel with the XLK file opened in it through a warning dialog. Otherwise, one can simply change the extension from .xlk to .xlsx (or .xls for legacy Office versions).

The automatic creation of XLK workbook backups is controlled by the "Always create backup" option, set on a per-workbook basis ("Save As" – "Tools" – "General Options" – "Always create backup").

Software to open or convert XLK files

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