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What is the .XMI file type?

In the first place, the .xmi filename extension is associated with the XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) format and assigned to XMI document files (.xmi). Designed by the Object Management Group (OMG) as a standard, unified method of exchanging various types of metadata, XMI is most commonly used to exchange UML (Universal Modeling Language) models, and the XMI export/import capability is a standard feature in a number of UML-based modeling or software-development tools. The .xmi file is a text-based XML document that complies with the XMI specification. Typically, it is an exported UML model that can be imported in almost any UML-compliant application. Although supposed to be standard, XMI files created by different applications are not always compatible with each other, due to the fact that several differing extensions to the XMI specification are often used.

Differently, the .xmi extension is also associated with the Extended MIDI (XMIDI) file format invented by J.Miles for the Miles Sound System music library, which was once extensively used in MS-DOS games. The .xmi file is a MIDI-like sequence of note events, to be played back by an external MIDI instrument (in case of XMI, an FM or wave-table synthesizer). Unlike a standard MIDI file (.mid), XMI files allow looping, data compression, and chaining embedded MIDI sequences. Presently, such .xmi music files can be directly opened and played by several general-purpose audio players.

Within the IBM WebSphere web application development and hosting platform based on Java EE (Enterprise Edition), the .xmi extension is used to denote extension and binding files automatically generated as deployment descriptors for WebSphere applications and web services to provide the security context. These (e.g., "ibm-webservices-bnd.xmi" or "ibm-webservices-ext.xmi") are service files, not intended to be manipulated directly.

Software to open or convert XMI files

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