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What is the .XTM file type?

Most frequently, the .xtm filename extension occurs in association with the Xtremsplit Split File (.xtm) file type/format. A freeware file splitting and joining utility for Microsoft Windows by O. Aslan, Xtremsplit serves to split large files (e.g., movies) into a series of smaller section files of a fixed size and join them back into one.

An .xtm file is a split file, belonging to a group of other split files created with Xtremsplit from a larger single file. As a visual indicator of an .xtm file's position within the ordered sequence, the .xtm extension is preceded by a three-digit numerical index, e.g. ".001.xtm," ".002.xtm." The original extension is preserved before the position index (e.g., ".avi.001.xtm"). Before the original file can be used in any way, all its .xtm parts must be present and concatenated (rejoined, or "glued") with Xtremsplit, which also supports other file-splitting formats.

Alternatively, the .xtm extension also associates with the XTM Topic Map File (.xtm) file type. XTM stands for 'XML Topic Maps' and refers to international standard ISO/IEC 13250. Following the Topic Maps Data Model, a topic map is a semantically structured dataset, providing means to define topics and create meaningful associations within their scopes.

An .xtm file is a text-only file that contains XML definition of an XTM topic map. XTM topic maps are extensively used on the Web. Although any .xtm file can be opened, viewed, and edited with a text editor, there are specialized topic map editors and visualization tools that can work with XTM files.

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