Z02 File Extension

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What is the .Z02 file type?

The .z02 filename extension represents the ZIP Split Archive, 3rd Part (.z02) file type. ZIP is one of the oldest and most widely used data compression algorithms. ZIP archives are normally assigned the .zip extension and supported by a host of archive management software, while many OS'es provide native ZIP support.

ZIP archives can also be multi-volume, i.e. consist of several files instead of one. Each section within a multi-volume ZIP archive is assigned an extension that follows the ".z[nn]" pattern, in which [nn] represents sequential numbers. For instance, the first part would have the .z00 extension, the second, .z01, and so on.

A .z02 file is the third part of a multi-volume ZIP archive, presuming at least the existence of the .z00 and .z01 files (and possibly other parts with senior numbers). Files like .z02 can be processed by any archiver that can handle split ZIP volumes. For successful data extraction, all .z[nn] parts must be present in the same directory.

Software to open or convert Z02 files

You can open Z02 files with the following programs:
PowerArchiver by ConeXware, Inc.
UltraZip by UltraZip
Ashampoo ZIP Pro
Ashampoo ZIP Pro by Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

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