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.FSTAB file formatFSTAB: File Extension FSTAB - Open FSTAB files - FSTAB file type info
An abbreviation of 'File System Table,' the ".fstab" character string is a dotted portion of a filename, rather than ...

.FTF file formatFTF: File Extension FTF - Open FTF files - FTF file type info
The .ftf filename extension primarily denotes the SonyEricsson Xperia Firmware Archive (.ftf) file type used with the...

.FXB file formatFXB: File Extension FXB - Open FXB files - FXB file type info
Standing for 'Effects (FX) Bank,' the .fxb filename extension represents the VST/VSTi Bank (.fxb) file type. Initiall...

.FZPZ file formatFZPZ: File Extension FZPZ - Open FZPZ files - FZPZ file type info
The .fzpz filename extension represents the Fritzing Part Archive (.fzpz) file type used by Fritzing. Fritzing is an ...

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