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What is the .HDTV file type?

When appearing as a filename extension, the ".hdtv" character string refers to the generic HDTV Multimedia Recording file type. HDTV (High-Definition Television) is a digital TV standard widely adopted in the world as a substitute for the conventional analog TV. HDTV broadcasts typically have the vertical resolution at 720 or 1080 lines (720p and 1080i/p, respectively). HDTV content is served by DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) providers worldwide.

Since most HDTV devices (set-top boxes, PVR's, etc.) provide the recording function, HDTV programs are often recorded and saved as files. The ".hdtv" string is commonly used in filenames of such HDTV recordings to point out to their source and generic format (e.g., ".hdtv.H264.avi"). Occasionally, this ".hdtv" string may take the extension's place, if the original extension is missing or concealed (esp. on Microsoft Windows).

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