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Opening litemod files

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What is the .LITEMOD file type?

The .litemod extension denotes the LiteLoader Mod (.litemod) file type, used exclusively with the LiteLoader mod-loading tool for Minecraft. A proprietary software by Mojang, Minecraft is a hugely popular platform-independent multi-player online game built around the idea of using a set of elementary square shapes for creation and exploration of entire sandbox worlds. Minecraft users actively engage in modding, with several different tools available for that purpose, including Forge, Optifine, and LiteLoader.

LiteLoader is a mod-loading tool for Minecraft that focuses on supporting non-intrusive ('lite') client-side game modifications (mods). A .litemod file represents such a mod designed for LiteLoader. Basically, it is just a regular compressed ZIP archive with a directory tree inside that holds the actual mod's contents.

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Software to open or convert LITEMOD files

You can open litemod files with the following programs:
WinRAR (32-bit)
WinRAR (32-bit) by win.rar GmbH