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Have a problem opening a .psi file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what psi files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .PSI file type?

The main association of the .psi extension is with the PrimalScript Online Help Shortcut (PSI) file type and format. PrimalScript is a powerful commercial visual scripting framework for Microsoft (MS) Windows with support for dozens of scripting languages.

PrimalScript uses PSI files as shortcuts to provide reference for other files. A .psi file is a binary file that contains one or more filenames with respective paths, a description of files and URL's to each of the associated online help resources. Such shortcut .psi files are meant to be opened and edited within the PrimalScript environment.

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Alternatively, the .psi extension can be associated with the Pierresoft Image (PSI) file type and format, the default format in Adesign by Pierresoft.com. Adesign is a versatile commercial bitmap image processing tool for MS Windows. PSI uses non-lossy data compression, supports layers and selections and is functionally similar to PSD. A .psi file is a bitmap image file in the PSI format that can be read and edited with Adesign or other image editors/viewers that support PSI.

In 3D imaging, the .psi extension belongs to the proprietary XML-based Pointstream Point Cloud Data (PSI) file format introduced by Arius3D. PSI uses a large number of points ('point cloud') that, positioned accordingly, yield a highly detailed scalable 3D model. A .psi file is a large plaintext (ASCII) file with color (rgb), position (xyz) and other data that define a 3D image. PSI images can be viewed with HTML5- and WebGL-enabled web browsers via a special rendering library.

In game development, the .psi extension associates with the Particle System Preset (PSI) file type used in conjunction with the Haaf's Game Engine (HGE). HGE is an open-source development framework for writing 2D games basing on Windows API and DirectX. HGE uses binary .psi files to store particle distribution presets generated by the HGE authoring environment as the result of visual editing.

In relation to Palm OS, the .psi extension acts as an acronym of 'PalmSource Installer' and is used to denote PalmSource Installer (PSI) packages. A .psi package is an archive containing software and/or documentation to be installed onto a Palm OS device, either through a synchronization session with a PC or by means of the OTA (over-the-air) technology.

The .psi extension can also be used in relation to PSI Store Manager, a certificate management tool for Mac OS by Medicare Australia. In this context, a .psi file is a 'certificate store' that holds one or more public encryption certificates issued by Medicare Australia.

Software to open or convert PSI files

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