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What is the .RB file type?

The .rb filename extension is primarily tied up with the Ruby Source Code (RB) file type. Ruby is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language. Like Perl, with which Ruby has much to share, Ruby is an interpreted (scripting) language. Ruby is the base language used in the popular open-source web development framework Ruby on Rails.

An .rb file is a text file with the source code of a Ruby program/script. In order to actually run a Ruby program (.rb), besides just viewing and editing its source code in a text editor, the .rb file must be opened with, or given as an argument to, a Ruby interpreter. For editing Ruby scripts (.rb), a text editor with Ruby syntax highlighting is preferred.

Ruby RB files are often used as scripts to automate routine system administration tasks, as well as plugins in Ruby-enabled applications. Many web servers employ Ruby scripts (.rb), within or without a Ruby on Rails environment.

With Rosebud—a paid German-language tool by H.R.Flasch to control various devices remotely via SMS and make use of SMS-based provider services—the .rb extension denotes plaintext XML-based Rosebud configuration files.

Besides, the .rb extension previously used to denote the Real Basic (Real Studio) Project (RB) file type/format, since long replaced with the RBP (Real Basic Project) file type. Such .rb files represented Real Basic programming projects.

Lastly, the .rb extension can also be encountered in connection with the legacy Rocket eBook (RB) file format/type. Rocket eBook (later, REB 1100) was a portable e-book reader device that used the proprietary RB format for its e-book files. RB e-books can still be opened/converted with several converter/device emulator tools.

Software to open or convert RB files

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