FZPZ File Extension

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What is the .FZPZ file type?

The .fzpz filename extension represents the Fritzing Part Archive (.fzpz) file type used by Fritzing. Fritzing is an open-source Electronic Design Automation software project maintained by the Friends-of-Fritzing foundation. It allows to design circuits, trace PCB's, and build electronic device prototypes. In Fritzing, individual electronic components (parts) are described by .fzp files, each file a text-based XML document with a given part's definition. For distribution purposes, Fritzing parts (.fzp) are packaged into part archives (.fzpz).

Named after the part it represents, the .fzpz file is a compressed ZIP archive containing the XML part definition file (.fzp) and several associated SVG graphics files (.svg) representing the part's image, schematic, icon, and PCB socket layout. Fritzing recognizes and opens such .fzpz files without the need for prior decompression. Besides, any .fzpz file can be opened using any ZIP archiver to view and extract its contents. Shared by their authors, user-created parts (.fzpz) are available for downloading from several Fritzing-related Internet resources.


Software to open or convert FZPZ files

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