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What is the .ANI file type?

The .ani filename extension is associated with the Animated Cursor/Pointer (ANI) file format and file type in Microsoft (MS) Windows. ANI is a structured RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) container used to store animated cursor images in several generations of MS Windows.

As a container, an .ani file holds a series of static raster images in the ICO (icon graphics) format with a fixed pixel size (most commonly, 32x32 pixels). When an .ani cursor is activated, cursor images inside the file are displayed in a pre-programmed sequence, effectively creating animation. Several ANI cursor files are part of standard Windows desktop themes, and custom .ani cursors can be assigned to different system actions and states.

ANI cursor graphics can be previewed through a standard thumbnail view in Windows Explorer. ANI files are known as 'Animated Pointer' files in Windows, but there is no default association for the .ani extension.

ANI cursor files can be created and/or modified with a number of free and commercial tools specially designed for this purpose.

Software to open or convert ANI files

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