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What is the .PRD file type?

The primary association of the .prd filename extension belongs to the SoftMaker Presentations Document (.prd) file type/format. SoftMaker Presentations is a proprietary multi-platform presentation authoring application developed by SoftMaker Software GmbH and also marketed as a part of the SoftMaker Office suite. SoftMaker Presentations natively saves documents in its own PRD format, while providing support for other formats like Microsoft PowerPoint's.

The .prd file is a visual presentation document that can be opened and edited in SoftMaker Presentations only. However, once opened, any .prd presentation can be re-saved in a different format (.ppt, .pptx, .pdf, etc.). SoftMaker Presentations associates itself with the .prd file type during installation.

The .prd extension is also related to the Dev-PHP Project (.prd) file type. Dev-PHP is a free (GPL) IDE tool for PHP developers that uses text-only .prd files as projects. Here, the .prd file is a regular text file (by default, "project.prd") that describes a directory tree in a local folder (project root), using an INI-like syntax. PRD project files can be opened and edited in Dev-PHP or any text editor.

eQUEST, a Microsoft Windows building performance analysis application from James J. Hirsch & Assoc., uses the .prd extension for its eQUEST Parametric Run Definitions (.prd) file type. The .prd file stores input parameters for parametric simulation runs performed in eQUEST. PRD files are often used in addition to the general building description files (.pd2) generated from user input in the various eQUEST wizards.

In the scope of OpenServer, a commercial Unix-type server OS developed by Xinuos (formerly, SCO Group), the .prd filename suffix is assigned to Product Description (.prd) files within the Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit (CDMT) software deployment framework.

Furthermore, the .prd extension acts as a label for production files generated and viewed with the ProductionReport tool, a part of the dasa Applications forestry software suite from Dasa Control Systems AB. The .prd file is a detailed timber logging production report that can be opened, merged with other .prd files, and printed in ProductionReport.

Another role of the .prd extension relates to the Primavera Post Office Message (.prd) file type/format. Usually sent as e-mail attachments, such PRD message files were used for directly updating schedules and activity data in Primavera Project Planner (P3) by Primavera Systems (now, Oracle).

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