WLG File Extension

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What is the .WLG file type?

With reference to the obsolete Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME operating systems, the .wlg filename extension represents the Dr Watson Log (.wlg) file type and format. Dr Watson ("Drwatson.exe") is an old fault logging tool included in the above Windows OS'es as a system component. In the event of a software fault, Dr Watson would gather relevant system information and save it as a .wlg file in the "\Windows\Drwatson\" directory for further analysis and troubleshooting. Later Microsoft Windows releases such as Windows 2000/XP still included the Dr Watson tool for compatibility, but relied on different crash logging and debugging mechanisms.

Alternatively, standing for 'Well Log,' the .wlg filename suffix is used as a generic designation for well log files created by different well logging and geo-analysis software (e.g., GeoCyber, EarthVision, etc.). Well logging involves extensive probing/scanning of a drilled oil, water, or other well to determine its characteristics. A well log (.wlg) file contains the data obtained from in-well sensors, usually in some proprietary binary or hybrid format. As a rule, such well logs (.wlg) can be opened with the same software that was used to create them, including special viewer tools.

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