Opening ARF files

Have a problem opening a .ARF file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what ARF files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .ARF file type?

The .arf extension is bound up with the Cisco WebEx Advanced Recording File format and the related ARF file type. Cisco is a well-established provider of advanced network solutions, with Cisco WebEx being a commercial online conferencing/meeting service operated by Cisco. Cisco WebEx is built upon the proprietary Network-Based Recording (NBR) format framework. A subset of NBR, ARF is widely used to record web seminars (webinars), online event presentations, etc.

An .arf file is a digital audio/video file in the ARF format, typically a webinar or meeting recording. A container format, ARF employs a very efficient data compression method, and allows to store different types of data in a single package (.arf), including video and audio streams, text-based notes, attached files, etc. ARF files can be downloaded as standalone media files.

ARF files can only be opened and played with WebEx (NBR) player tools provided by Cisco, as well as converted into the WMV (Windows Media Video), or Adobe Flash (SWF) formats. There are also independent utilities that can convert ARF files into standard container formats, like MP4.

Software to open or convert ARF files

You can open ARF files with the following programs: 

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