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What is the .PVF file type?

The .pvf extension primarily goes together with the Portable Voice Format (PVF), denoting the associated .pvf file type. PVF is a special low-bandwidth ADPCM-based digital audio format for recording and storing human speech.

A .pvf file contains digitally recorded speech in the PVF format. Such .pvf files were mainly used with legacy voice modems and software-based answering machines. Often, to be used with a specific modem, a .pvf file would have to be converted into the device-specific RMD format. Currently, PVF audio files can still be played with several major media players as well as converted into other formats (like WAV) with multi-format converter tools.

Besides, the .pvf extension also associates with the Pattern Viewer File (PVF) file format/type. It is a proprietary format used with the PCStitch Pattern Viewer software tool (MS Windows) by M&R Technologies to view, scale, and print various stitch patterns. A .pvf file is a stitch pattern for PCStitch Pattern Viewer.

Additionally, Carlson 2013 uses the .pvf extension to denote the System Variable Settings (PVF) file type/format. Carlson 2013 is a set of independent civil engineering, land development, mining, construction, and other applications designed to work on top of AutoCAD/IntelliCAD. PVF files are used to store sets of environment variables along with their values for AutoCAD/IntelliCAD that serve as back-end for Carlson 2013. A .pvf file can be used to save/restore a specific CAD environment tied up with a particular Carlson 2013 project.

Apart from that, the .pvf extension is also employed by the commercial SN's PVF Reporting Tool to denote its database report files (.pvf) saved in an obscure compressed and/or encrypted binary format. Created by the SN's PVF OCX control, such PVF reports can be read by the freeware PVF Reader available from the same developer.

Lastly, the .pvf extension also occurs in connection with configurator device parameter files (.pvf) created and referenced by the DeviceNet Configurator industrial network automation tools by OMRON Corp.

Software to open or convert PVF files

You can open PVF files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
Final Media Player
Final Media Player by Bitberry Software
PCStitch by M&R Technologies, Inc.

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