NUCL File Extension

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What is the .NUCL file type?

A short for 'nucleic,' the .nucl filename extension belongs to the MacVector Nucleic Acid (NA) Sequence (.nucl) file type and format, with reference to MacVector, a paid molecular biology and genetic research application by MacVector, Inc. for the Macintosh platform (Mac OS X). Among other features, MacVector enables advanced DNA sequence analysis and manipulations.

Along with other file types used by MacVector to save its data, the .nucl file type and extension are used for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) sequences, commonly referred to as nucleic acid (NA) sequences. On Mac OS X which does not rely on extensions, but rather uses its own OSType mechanism, such files are assigned the type NUCL. Written in a binary format, a single .nucl file may contain one or more NA sequences. Once opened in MacVector, the data inside a .nucl file can be exported in other NA sequence formats, printed, or published as PDF. Besides MacVector, .nucl files can be directly opened and saved by several other molecular biology applications on other platforms such as Microsoft Windows.


Software to open or convert NUCL files

You can open NUCL files with the following programs:
Serial Cloner
Serial Cloner by SerialBasics
SnapGene Viewer
SnapGene Viewer by GSL Biotech LLC
SnapGene by GSL Biotech LLC

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