8BF File Extension

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What is the .8BF file type?

The .8bf filename extension denotes the Adobe Photoshop Filter Plugin (.8bf) file type and format. 8BF belongs to a family of several plugin formats and extensions used by Adobe Photoshop, a powerful commercial image manipulation tool by Adobe Systems.

An Adobe Photoshop filter plugin (.8bf) is a distinct image processing module to apply graphical effects, enhance, transform, or otherwise modify a bitmap image or its selected part. The process of installing such a filter is basically covered by copying the .8bf file into the standard plugin directory ("C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop ...\Plug-Ins" in Microsoft Windows). Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the same filter plugin are denoted by the same extension (.8bf).

8BF is a Windows-specific format because, technically, the .8bf file is a Microsoft Windows executable. On Apple Mac OS X, Adobe Photoshop plugins use a different file format.

Adobe Photoshop-compatible filter modules (.8bf) can be installed and used with a number of other graphics-related software titles. There are both free and paid sources of .8bf filter plugins on the Internet.

Software to open or convert 8BF files

You can open 8BF files with the following programs:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems, Inc.

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