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What is the .INP file type?

With reference to Dell laptop/notebook computers, the .inp extension is primarily encountered in association with user-data backup files (.inp) that are created with one of Dell's proprietary backup utilities.

Such INP backup files normally look like "APPS.inp", "DATA_0000.inp", "DATA_0001.inp", etc. INP backups come with two XML files ("include.xml" and "migr.xml") that are backup control files and are generally needed to restore data from a backup.

Dell backup archives (.inp) can be processed and restored by several Dell's proprietary tools like Migration Restore Utility, Dell Backup and Recovery, Recovery Media, etc.

Alternatively, the .inp extension is associated with the InPage Document (INP) file format and type. Developed since 1994 by Concept Software, InPage is a de facto standard word-processing solution for publishing in languages that use the calligraphic Nastaliq/Naskh script, such as Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Pashto, etc. The latest InPage version supports Unicode and adds many Unicode fonts.

An .inp file is an InPage document. INP is a proprietary binary format, and InPage document files (.inp) cannot be opened with any other publishing applications. There are several online converters that can convert Urdu text copied from an older InPage document into standard Unicode characters.

The .inp extension also denotes the Abaqus Input File (INP) file type/format used with Abaqus, an advanced commercial tool for realistic simulation of routine-to-complex engineering problems. Abaqus is part of the Abaqus Unified FEA integrated package by Dassault Systemes (3ds). INP is a text-based format, and Abaqus uses .inp files to store input data for Abaqus simulation/visualization projects.

Specific to Sony digital camcorder devices, the .inp extension is assigned to one of the three Image Management files ("AVIN0001.inp", "AVIN0001.BNP", and "AVIN0001.INT") stored in the AVF_INFO directory of the camera's storage media. Image management files are not actual recordings, they are rather extended metadata files in Sony's proprietary format, not meant to be opened or used by the user.

MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) uses the .inp extension to denote its proprietary MAME Action Replay (INP) file type/format. A popular open-source game emulator project, MAME allows to record the gameplay process, creating an .inp game replay file, to be played back later or shared as a demo. To properly record/play back game replay files (.inp), any .hi and .cfg files should be temporarily removed from the respective MAME game directory.

A short for 'Input,' the .inp extension also finds use as a generic identifier of input data files. An input file (.inp) is any file that contains some kind of initial, input data for an application, programming project, simulation model, etc. Most often, such .inp files are text-based, openable/editable with a text editor.

Particularly, the .inp extension denotes Parameter files (.inp) used to submit input parameters for semiconductor materials to the EPR in Semiconductors online database. Such .inp files are text files that contain EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) data for a certain semiconductor material in the format that is compatible with the EPR-NMR research tool.

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