PPTXML File Extension

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What is the .PPTXML file type?

The unwieldy .pptxml filename extension stands for the Microsoft Office PowerPoint XML Presentation (PPTXML) file type/format. PPTXML is an XML-based text format for storing presentations authored in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 or later (MSOPP), part of the popular commercial office software suite Microsoft Office (MSO) 2007 or later.

MSOPP saves regular presentations as .pptx files (and slide shows as .ppsx). For document interchange purposes, PowerPoint presentations can also be saved as standalone XML files.

An .pptxml file is a PowerPoint presentation saved as a text-based XML file. The .pptxml extension itself is an application-specific auxiliary extension, used in addition to the generic .xml extension assigned to such MSOPP XML presentations by default. With reference to MSOPP, the .pptxml and .xml extensions are completely interchangeable.

With Microsoft Office or just PowerPoint installed, the .pptxml file type gets automatically registered and associated with PowerPoint. PPTXML (.xml) files can be opened in PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer, as well as imported into third-party office applications.

Software to open or convert PPTXML files

You can open PPTXML files with the following programs: 

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