VFS File Extension

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What is the .VFS file type?

The .vfs extension denotes the VentaFax Delivery Schedule (.vfs) file type used by the VentaFax family of fax and answering machine software for PC/Microsoft Windows by Venta Association. Saved in the "C:\ProgramData\Venta\VentaFax & Voice\Service" application data folder using a custom binary format, such files (VENFAX2.vfs, VENFAX3.vfs, etc.) provide the underlying data structures for the application's delivery schedule functionality. These .vfs files are created and accessed automatically and require no direct user interaction. Subject to the user's approval, the .vfs file type is registered by VentaFax during installation, so a double-click on a .vfs file launches the VentaFax Schedule tool (vfsched.exe). VentaFax Schedule allows to export its scheduled transmissions as a CSV file.

Matching the Virtual File System (VFS) acronym, the .vfs extension also serves to distinguish Virtual File System index files. VFS indexes are created on various data storage volumes to provide an abstraction layer on top of the physical filesystem, in order to make this volume and accessible to other operating systems and/or hardware devices. Inside the .vfs index file, an abstracted representation of the volume's directory tree is stored in a binary form, with pointers to connect to the actual data on the disk.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Photosmart printers and all-in-one devices like HP Photosmart C5200 Series All-in-One use the .vfs extension to identify a service data file written onto a memory card each time the card is inserted. Occupying around 2% of the memory card's capacity, this .vfs file contains JPEG thumbnails for all images present on the card. The thumbnail file (.vfs) is generated automatically by the printer/all-in-one if the "Enable faster browsing" option is turned on in the device's settings.

Software to open or convert VFS files

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