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What is the .DESKTHEMEPACK file type?

The .deskthemepack extension belongs to the newer Windows desktop customization theme format introduced by Microsoft (MS) with Windows 8. The DESKTHEMEPACK is the default theme format in Windows 8, supporting high-resolution panoramic wallpapers for multi-monitor desktop configurations.

A .deskthemepack file is basically an MS Cabinet (CAB) archive with a series of images and sounds saved together with a .theme file that constitute a desktop theme. However, DESKTHEMEPACK theme files are not directly supported in Windows 7 and cannot be force-installed even with the extension manually changed to .themepack, the default in Windows 7. However, a .deskthemepack file can be opened as an archive and all contents can be easily extracted.

As an alternative, there are theme installer tools available that can install a Windows 8 DESKTHEMEPACK theme in Windows 7. Resources extracted from a .deskthemepack file can also be manually added to a theme in Windows 7, and a custom .themepack file can be saved.

In Windows 8, the .deskthemepack extension is pre-associated with the system personalization wizard.

Software to open or convert DESKTHEMEPACK files

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