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7-Zip is a power archiver application developed by Igor Pavlov mainly for Microsoft Windows, with ports available on many others systems, most notably GNU/Linux. 7-Zip is a lightweight, fast, and free archive management tool that solves most, if not all, tasks involving creation, extraction, modification, or protection of data archives. Thanks to its innovative 7z format, 7-Zip surpasses some of its commercial competition both by archive processing speed and compression ration achieved. 7-Zip is free software released under GNU LGPL (except for the non-free unrar component).

7-Zip provides read and extract support for over 30 different archive formats, including some quite exotic ones. To create a new archive, 7-Zip offers a choice of seven formats: .7z, .zip, .bzip2, .gzip, and several others. It natively uses its own 7z archive format which is open and well documented. Based upon the advanced LZMA data compression algorithm, 7z offers a number of advantages without any proprietary tie-ins, including strong AES-256 encryption, full Unicode support for filenames, high compression ratio and speed.

7-Zip comes with a simple, yet functional and straightforward user interface translated into over 80 languages, and system integration through Windows Explorer shell extension with cascaded context menus. 7-Zip does not automatically associate itself with supported archive file types, but allows to monitor and modify file type associations from within its Options dialog, both for the current user and system-wide. 7-Zip distribution binaries (both x86 and x64 flavors), source code, and complete SDK are all available for downloading from the tool's official web site.

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File formats: 001.001, 7Z.7Z, ARJ.ARJ, BZ2.BZ2, BZIP2.BZIP2, CAB.CAB, CPIO.CPIO, DEB.DEB, DMG.DMG, FAT.FAT, GZ.GZ, GZIP.GZIP, HFS.HFS, LHA.LHA, LZH.LZH, LZMA.LZMA, NTFS.NTFS, RAR.RAR, SPLIT.SPLIT, SQUASHFS.SQUASHFS, SWM.SWM, TAR.TAR, TAZ.TAZ, TBZ.TBZ, TBZ2.TBZ2, TGZ.TGZ, TPZ.TPZ, TXZ.TXZ, VHD.VHD, WIM.WIM, XAR.XAR, XZ.XZ, Z.Z, ZIP.ZIP, PDF.PDF, AI.AI, CBR.CBR, CBZ.CBZ, JAR.JAR, DAT.DAT, SRT.SRT, DESKTHEMEPACK.DESKTHEMEPACK, TORRENT.TORRENT, ISO.ISO, BIN.BIN, ACE.ACE, R00.R00, R01.R01, R02.R02, R03.R03, R04.R04, R05.R05, R06.R06, R07.R07, R08.R08, R09.R09, R10.R10, R11.R11, R12.R12, R13.R13, R14.R14, R15.R15, R16.R16, R17.R17, R18.R18, R19.R19, R20.R20, R21.R21, R22.R22, R23.R23, R24.R24, R25.R25, R26.R26, R27.R27, R28.R28, R29.R29, RPM.RPM, GPX.GPX, CRDOWNLOAD.CRDOWNLOAD, IMAGE.IMAGE, MD5.MD5, CFG.CFG, PART.PART, EPUB.EPUB, CRX.CRX, JSON.JSON, PROPERTIES.PROPERTIES, ZIPX.ZIPX, FB2.FB2, TMP.TMP, SFV.SFV, R30.R30, R31.R31, R32.R32, R33.R33, R34.R34, R35.R35, R36.R36, R37.R37, R38.R38, R39.R39, R40.R40, R41.R41, R42.R42, R43.R43, R44.R44, R45.R45, R46.R46, R47.R47, R48.R48, R49.R49, R50.R50, R51.R51, R52.R52, R53.R53, R54.R54, R55.R55, R56.R56, R57.R57, R58.R58, R59.R59, R60.R60, R61.R61, R62.R62, R63.R63, R64.R64, R65.R65, R66.R66, R67.R67, R68.R68, R69.R69, R70.R70, R71.R71, R72.R72, R73.R73, R74.R74, R75.R75, R76.R76, R77.R77, R78.R78, R79.R79, R80.R80, R81.R81, R82.R82, R83.R83, R84.R84, R85.R85, R86.R86, R87.R87, R88.R88, R89.R89, R90.R90, R91.R91, R92.R92, R93.R93, R94.R94, R95.R95, R96.R96, R97.R97, R98.R98, R99.R99, PHP.PHP, APK.APK, PAK.PAK, WAR.WAR, 2.2, OBB.OBB, PAR2.PAR2, XPI.XPI, CLASS.CLASS, Z01.Z01, 002.002, 003.003, 004.004, 005.005, 006.006, 007.007, BAK.BAK, PKG.PKG, ZAB.ZAB, 1.1, IPK.IPK, EMZ.EMZ, 0.0, PACKAGE.PACKAGE, 7ZIP.7ZIP, SCS.SCS, MIKIT.MIKIT