DXC File Extension

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What is the .DXC file type?

The .dxc filename extension primarily represents the Yamaha DX Cartridge File (.dxc) file type/format used by the DX Simulator software. DX Simulator is a legacy software tool that was developed by Yamaha Corporation for their now-discontinued PLG150-DX plug-in boards providing the same 6-operator FM synthesis functionality as the original DX synthesizer series. DX Simulator simulates the look and behavior of a DX7 keyboard, offering a virtual front-end to the PLG150-DX board with full access to its capabilities and settings.

DX Simulator allowed to edit synthesized sound tones, or voices, and save the obtained custom voices in DX Cartridge (.dxc) files using Yamaha's proprietary file format. Each .dxc file contains a bank of 64 custom DX voices, with each voice stored in a numbered location from 1 to 64. Once the DX cartridge (.dxc) file is opened in DX Simulator, its voices can be further edited and assigned as instruments. DX Simulator allows to load and save its DX Cartridge files (.dxc) from/to arbitrary locations.

Additionally, the .dxc extension denotes the DriveExecutive Online Shortcut (.dxc) file type/format used by DriveExecutive, a component of the DriveTools SP software package from Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation). Designed for programming and controlling PowerFlex AC/DC electric drives, DriveExecutive saves .dxc files when creating online shortcuts.

Software to open or convert DXC files

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