DST File Extension

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What is the .DST file type?

The .dst filename extension primarily denotes the AutoCAD Sheet Set Data File (.dst) file type associated with AutoCAD, an industry-standard commercial Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software product by Autodesk. AutoCAD supports named collections of related drawings done in the same style or metrics, usually referred to as sheet sets. Each sheet set receives its own .dst file, saved in the "AutoCAD Sheet Sets" folder in the current user's Documents directory by default. Sheet sets represent an important part of the AutoCAD workflow and should be backed up often. An accidentally corrupted .dst file can be restored from its backup copy (.DS$), automatically created by AutoCAD in the same folder every time the original sheet set data file is opened. In AutoCAD, sheet set data files (.dst) are created and managed using the Sheet Set Manager tool. The .dst file type gets associated with AutoCAD as part of the installation process.

Additionally, the .dst extension designates the Tajima Embroidery Design (.dst) file type associated with the Tajima Data Stitch (DST) file format. DST is a proprietary stitch-based machine embroidery format developed by the Tajima company and widely used for exchanging designs. A .dst file contains a digitized colorless (shape-only) representation of an embroidery pattern made of stitches, directly readable by Tajima and compatible sewing machines. DST embroidery designs can be created by converting existing images or prepared using specialized software such as Tajima DG/ML or similar.

Software to open or convert DST files

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