PPB File Extension

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What is the .PPB file type?

The filename extension .ppb belongs to the PagePlus Book (.ppb) file type used by PagePlus, a legacy commercial Desktop Publishing (DTP) application for Microsoft Windows from Serif (Europe) Ltd. PagePlus is no longer developed, being gradually replaced by Serif's new generation of graphic design software named Affinity. In addition to the standard set of tools and features, PagePlus includes a built-in utility designed to manage the book publishing process, BookPlus.

A .ppb file is a BookPlus book project, or PagePlus book. It is a compact control file that binds together one or more (typically, dozens) individual chapters, each saved as a separate PagePlus document (.ppp). Just like the .ppp file, the BookPlus project (.ppb) is a regular ZIP archive holding a tree of XML files. In the book (.ppb) file, all settings for a given book project are stored, along with references to all chapters (.ppp). Since both the .ppp and .ppb file types are registered and associated with PagePlus during installation, any PagePlus book (.ppb) or document (.ppp) can be opened with a double-click.


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