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What is the .EDT file type?

Primarily, the .edt extension belongs to, and is associated with the Edraw Template (EDT) file type. EDT is registered and used by Edraw Max, a commercial all-purpose diagram and scheme builder software by Edraw Soft (MS Windows). Edraw Max includes a large library of vector EDT templates.

An EDT template file is a plaintext file with a series of XML-style definitions of vector shapes that can be parsed and rendered by Edraw Max. EDT files are basically collections of scalable vector primitives and complex shapes that can be used as editable clipart objects when creating a new Edraw diagram.

Upon installation, EDraw Max registers and associates itself with the EDT file type. Pre-installed EDT templates are located in topical subdirectories of the "C:\Program Files\Edraw Max\library\" directory. An attempt to open an .edt template file in a different program will most likely result in the file's XML-tree contents displayed in a text view.

Differently, the .edt extension can be often found in data files exported and/or imported by NEPLAN as tables of elements (.edt). NEPLAN is a comprehensive industry-standard software solution for electrical power network analysis, engineering and management by BCP Switzerland. EDT is used within NEPLAN as an external export/import file type for table data exchange.

In an industrial environment, the .edt extension can be encountered in drawing type code files (.edt) created and used in connection with OrthoDraw, part of the Plant Design System (PDS) software suite by Intergraph.

In computer gaming, the .edt extension can also be used with plaintext game configuration files used by games like Football Manager and similar. Such .edt files affect the game's behavior and are used to configure club/team and other options. They can be edited directly in a text editor.

Additionally, the .edt extension can also appear in plaintext MapEdit configuration files (.edt) created and used in the Synergy co-operative modification ('mod') of the Half-Life 2 computer game by Valve. Such .edt files are made/edited to change the game's behavior on different levels without editing the main game's data.

In educational environments, the .edt extension can be encountered in data files used by EDT, a schedule planning and maintenance software for educational establishments by Index-Education.com.

Still another occurrence of the .edt extension is related to WinEdt, a powerful and community-supported open-source TeX-oriented text editor for MS Windows. In WinEdt, .edt files are plaintext files that contain macros, i.e. programmable action scripts.

Software to open or convert EDT files

You can open EDT files with the following programs:
Edraw Max
Edraw Max by EdrawSoft
Edraw Max Fr
Edraw Max Fr by EdrawSoft
WinEdt by WinEdt Team

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