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What is the .MST file type?

The primary use of the .mst extension binds it to the Windows Installer Transform (.mst) file type. Windows Installer is a software deployment technology developed by Microsoft Corp. for their Windows operating systems. A transform (.mst) allows to change local installation options, without altering the Windows Installer package (.msi) itself. It is a small database file in the Composite Document V2 format. Transforms (.mst) can be generated with Microsoft's free Orca or MSTView tools and applied through the TRANSFORMS command-line property. MST transforms are widely used for customized deployment of MSI-based software, such as pre-configured silent installations in corporate environments.

Additionally, the .mst extension stands for the ACD/ChemSketch 1.0 Document (.mst, .rtp) file type/format. ACD/ChemSketch is a molecular drawing tool from Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD) Inc. The .mst file is a chemical molecular drawing in the MST format that was natively used in ACD/ChemSketch 1.0. All the later ACD/ChemSketch versions use a different document format (.sk2), but still provide read-only support for legacy .mst/.rtp files.

Room Arranger, a paid multi-platform interior design program by Jan Adamec, uses the .mst extension for its Room Arranger Project (.rap, .mst) file type. The .mst file is a Room Arranger design project in a custom text/binary format with embedded bitmap images. Such .mst/.rap files can be opened in Room Arranger only. When saving new projects in Room Arranger, the newer .rap extension is used by default.

Besides, the .mst extension stands for the Corel Presentations Master (.mst) file type/format. The .mst file is a slide show template in Corel Presentations, a commercial slide show authoring tool from Corel Corp. Corel Presentations ships with a collection of pre-designed templates located in the "Program Files\Corel\WordPerfect Office X..\Languages\..\Masters" directory. Any .mst file there can be opened, customized, and saved back. Alternatively, one can add custom masters (.mst) into that folder.

Apart from that, the .mst extension was once used to represent the Rational Visual Test Source (.mst) file type. Rational Visual Test was a Microsoft Windows application testing tool by Rational Software that used text-based Test Basic scripts (.mst) to automate tests. Each script had to be compiled, before it could run.

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