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What is the .SCN file type?

A short for 'Scenario,' the .scn extension is primarily used in computer games to denote scenario files (.scn). A game scenario is a pre-programmed set of conditions, events, event triggers, gameplay environments, and all other aspects of a single game episode or round. Often, several scenarios, played in a row, form a campaign in which outcome of the previous scenario affects a player's standing in the next one. Unlike campaigns, standalone scenarios (.scn) are 'short' games that can be played independently.

Scenario files (.scn) are used by such games as Age of Empires II, Transport Tycoon, Card Hunter, Might & Magic Heroes VI, Diablo 3, and many others. Since many game titles use SCN scenario files, their formats also tend to be quite different. With most games, it is possible to edit ('mod') existing scenario files (.scn) or create new, custom scenarios.

Besides games, SCN scenario files are used by simulation and other applications (e.g., Orbiter, a freeware realistic open-space simulator).

Alternatively, the .scn extension also associates with the Pinnacle Studio Scene File (SCN) file type and format used by Pinnacle Studio, one of the leading commercial NLE (Non-Linear Editing) desktop applications.

A scene file (.scn) contains description of all scene changes in a digital video file imported or processed with Pinnacle Studio, listing start times and durations. SCN files can be generated, either automatically or interactively, at the time of the initial digital video capture/import and are assigned the same filenames as the video files.

Besides, the .scn extension also occurs in association with the Autodesk Softimage XSI 3D Scene (.scn) file type/format. Here, an .scn file is a Softimage project that defines a 3D scene and keeps references to all external files included in the scene. On Microsoft Windows machines with several versions of Autodesk Softimage installed, it is possible to choose Softimage version when opening an .scn scene file, using the Softimage Chooser tool.

In the scope of LANDesk Management Suite, the .scn extension belongs to the LANDesk Inventory Scan (SCN) file type/format. LANDesk is the name of a family of enterprise-level IT management and administration solutions by LANDESK Software. An .scn scan file contains inventory data for all network assets (computers, workstations, etc.) included in the LANDesk database and exported for backup or information exchange purposes with the LANDesk Database Doctor tool.

With reference to Leica virtual microscopy imaging devices (e.g., SCN400 Slide Scanner), the .scn extension denotes the Leica Scan (SCN) format and is assigned to scan files (slides). An .scn slide is a large container package with tiled scan images (BigTIFF) and corresponding XML metadata. Leica slide scans (.scn) can be read with several scientific image processing tools (e.g., Bio-Formats, OpenSlide). Besides Leica devices, the SCN format is also used with Bio-Rad MP imagers.

The Flying-Model-Simulator (FMS) by R.&M.Möller uses the .scn extension as a label for its in-flight scenery files (.scn). An FMS .scn file is a text-only file that defines a so-called "skybox" by referencing several bitmap images that cover all view directions. Custom .scn files along with high-resolution images can be used to create photorealistic sceneries in FMS.

Software to open or convert SCN files

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