Opening JPGENX files

Have a problem opening a .JPGENX file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what JPGENX files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .JPGENX file type?

The .jpgenx extension denotes the Egis Protected JPG Image (JPGENX) file type, a subset of the generic Egis Protected File file type. Egis Technology, Inc. provides several data security tools, which are often bundled in software packages that come pre-installed on Acer notebooks. Such data security utilities (Acer eDataSecurity Management, Egis MyWinLocker, etc.) are used to protect user files by means of strong encryption (AES).

Such tools employ the .jpgenx extension in place of the original .jpg extension to denote JPG images that have been encrypted. An encrypted .jpgenx file cannot be directly opened for view, unless one of the above data security utilities is installed on the system, and a proper password is known.

Most commonly encountered on Acer notebooks, JPGENX encrypted images can be opened and deciphered by any of the above tools. With MyWinLocker, the JPGENX and JPEGENX file types are registered as MyWinlocker Protected File. A double-click on a .jpgenx file would bring up a password prompt window, and if the entered password is correct, the file would be decrypted and image displayed.

Software to open or convert JPGENX files

You can open JPGENX files with the following programs:
MyWinLocker by Egis Technology Inc.
BioExcess by Egis Technology Inc.
MyWinLocker by EgisTec

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