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What is the .ESUX file type?

The .esux filename extension belongs to the ESU LokSound 4.x Sound/Data File (.esux) file type and denotes a proprietary format developed by ESU (Electronic Solutions Ulm) GmbH for a new (V4) generation of their LokSound locomotive controllers. A LokSound device is a small-sized controller board with its own memory, placed inside a locomotive model to have precise control over its prime mover, sounds, and lights.

The .esux file is an all-in-one locomotive profile package, complete with the engine's sounds, acceleration/deceleration patterns, lights control, etc. Internally, the .esux file contains a text-based XML section and chunks of waveform sound data, with each chuck assigned to a certain sound code or pattern. Each .esux file is compiled for a specific locomotive model (e.g., GE 7FDL 16cyl Modern) and named accordingly.

A large selection of .esux packages for different locomotives and LokSound versions is available on ESU's website. To transfer an .esux file into a LokSound unit, one must use ESU's LokProgrammer 4.x software with its hardware interface module. ESUX files cannot be opened in any other software, except LokProgrammer 4.x.

Software to open or convert ESUX files

You can open ESUX files with the following programs:
LokProgrammer by ESU electronic solutions ulm GmbH & Co. KG

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