MPE1 File Extension

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What is the .MPE1 file type?

The .mpe1 filename extension denotes the MediaPortal Version 1 Extension (.mpe1) file type. MediaPortal is a free and open-source multimedia center application for Microsoft Windows developed by a group of programmers within the same-name project. To expand its functionality, MediaPortal provides support for extensions.

An .mpe1 file is a MediaPortal extension package: a plugin, a skin, or additional artwork. The file is a normal ZIP archive in which the extension's resources are bundled inside the "Installer{CopyFile}" subfolder, along with the root-level XML control file ("MediaPortalExtension.xml"). A MediaPortal extension can be installed by directly opening its .mpe1 file (also, with a double-click). Within MediaPortal, extensions can be easily managed using the special Extensions plugin. MPE1 plugins or skins are intended for MediaPortal (version 1.x.x) and cannot be used with MediaPortal 2, since it has a different extension mechanism. The MediaPortal project's website maintains a sizable collection of version 1.x.x (.mpe1) and version 2.x (.zip) plugins and skins available for downloading.


Software to open or convert MPE1 files

You can open MPE1 files with the following programs:
MediaPortal by Team MediaPortal
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN

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