CLS File Extension

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What is the .CLS file type?

The .cls file extension is used by Microsoft Visual C++ or Microsoft Visual Basic for class definition files. A .cls file defines functions, variables, parameters, and other data related to the object. When compiled, CLS files are incorporated into the executable.

In addition, CLS files created in Microsoft Visual Basic may also refer to class module files used for creation of new objects. Class modules have the same functionality as form modules with the .frm file extension, but they don't provide any user interface.

The .cls file extension is also related to JavaScript, one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages for creation of websites and client-side applications. JavaScript files with the .cls extension are used to store class definitions.

The .cls file extension is also attributed to class files written in LaTeX, a document markup language used for scientific and academic documents. Such CLS files contain a set of predefined typeset adjustments necessary to design documents in the same style.

In addition, CLS files may also represent geocoding classification files used in ArcGIS, a geographic information system created by Esri. These files with the .cls extension store classification schemes with address abbreviations required to perform address matching.

Software to open or convert CLS files

You can open CLS files with the following programs:
MiKTeX by
NewSoft CD Labeler
NewSoft CD Labeler by NewSoft Technology Corporation
ExamView Assessment Suite

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