Opening VOC files

Have a problem opening a .VOC file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what VOC files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .VOC file type?

The .voc filename extension primarily stands for the Creative Voice File (VOC) format developed by Creative Labs to store and exchange audio data for their 8-bit (later, 16-bit) Sound Blaster cards. VOC supports both 8-bit and 16-bit PCM/ADPCM as well as the u-law and a-law codecs. The format has been extensively researched, and several detailed descriptions of its file structures are available.

The .voc file is a digital audio file in the VOC format. Easily identified by its ASCII "Creative Voice File" signature, the .voc file consists of a header and one or more sound data chunks. Thanks to their mainly PCM and ADPCM waveform data, such .voc files can be relatively easily rendered as WAV.

Playable by several all-purpose multimedia players, VOC files can be transformed to WAV and other audio formats using several converter utilities as well as directly imported into waveform editors. The .voc file type often gets associated with a power media player installed on the system.

Confusingly enough, the .voc extension is also used for voice recording files created by RCA digital voice recorder devices such as RP5022B. Such files use RCA's proprietary format, completely different from the Creative Voice File format and incompatible with it. Without prior conversion into a standard such as WAV or MP3, such .voc files cannot be played by most multimedia software. There is a free decoder program (Microsoft Windows; GNU/Linux) that can transform such RCA-VOC recordings into regular .wav files.

Software to open or convert VOC files

You can open VOC files with the following programs: 

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