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What is the .FLY file type?

The main association of the .fly filename extension belongs to the TerraExplorer Project (.fly) file type and format. Developed by Skyline Software Systems, TerraExplorer refers to a family of paid cross-platform applications to author, explore, edit, and publish 3D fly-through geospatial environments, basing on extensive GIS data fetched from a variety of online sources. The TerraExplorer family includes the Viewer, Plus, and Pro applications.

TerraExplorer applications save their projects as .fly files, using a private binary format with data compression. A .fly file contains all project's settings and preferences, as well as references to all included terrain sources (MPT). FLY projects can be opened with any TerraExplorer application and are also used with the Web-based SkylineGlobe project as fly-though 3D city models.

Alternatively, the .fly extension is used with Easy Flyer Creator, denoting the Easy Flyer Creator Template (FLY) file type and format. Easy Flyer Creator is a paid Microsoft Windows application by Peridot Technologies, designed to facilitate authoring of various posters, flyers, hangers, posted signs, etc. by non-professional users.

An Easy Flyer Creator template (.fly) is an XML file that contains a structured description of text and image layout. Template files use custom XML namespace and store bitmap images (incl. a preview image) as serialized sequences within the XML code. An assortment of .fly templates is provided by default with Easy Flyer Creator, and the .fly file type is automatically registered in the system.

A commercial Microsoft Windows application by Sierra Vista Software to create and administer short knowledge tests (quizzes), Quiz-Buddy uses the .fly extension in association with its Quiz-Buddy Quiz (.fly) file type/format. A quiz (.fly) is a binary file with plaintext sections that stores quiz questions and answers. Such quiz files can be opened with Quiz-Buddy only. Quiz-Buddy comes with a selection of pre-made quizzes and allows to create and save custom quiz files (.fly).

With reference to Digiflyer Studio, a legacy Adobe Flash-based flyer design software for Microsoft Windows by the now discontinued Digiflyer company, the .fly extension was used for Digiflyer flyer (.fly) files. Created from a template (.dfl) in Digiflyer Studio, a .fly file is a multimedia attachment to an e-mail message (a "flyer").

Apart from the above, the .fly extension is also used by SimePhys, a freeware cross-platform tool by U.Beckers to simulate electrophysiological experiments for educational purposes. Here, a .fly file contains stimulus and feedback data recorded in the course of a simulated experiment. SimePhys provides an additional tool (*.fly Viewer) to open and view .fly files.

Software to open or convert FLY files

You can open FLY files with the following programs:
TerraExplorer by Skyline Software Systems, Inc.
TerraExplorer by Skyline Software Systems Inc.
Easy Flyer Creator
Easy Flyer Creator by Peridot Technologies
Flypaper for Lectora
Flypaper for Lectora by Flypaper Studio, Inc.
TerraExplorer Pro
TerraExplorer Pro by Skyline Software Systems Inc.

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