PLMXML File Extension

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What is the .PLMXML file type?

The .plmxml filename extension represents the Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) XML file format and the associated file type (.plmxml). Initially developed by UGS (now, Siemens PLM Software), PLM XML is an open XML-based standard for CAD data exchange and interoperability.

PLM XML is supported by many CAD, modeling, simulation, and other applications as an export/import format and primarily used in pair with JT, an internationally standardized (ISO 14306:2012) format for structured engineering (CAD) data.

Most commonly, a .plmxml file is a JT document. It is a regular text file, containing source code in accordance with a PLM XML schema. Such a file provides a comprehensive structured representation of a product in a PLM framework, with a complete breakdown by assemblies, parts, materials, etc., that can be visualized, used as a data source for BOM (Bill of Materials), or transferred into a CAD/CAM system for final design adjustment and manufacturing.

Siemens PLM Software provides PLM XML documentation and tools to open JT .plmxml files (JT2Go) and work with the PLM XML format (SDK).

Software to open or convert PLMXML files

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