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What is the .G64 file type?

The .g64 filename extension primarily denotes the Genetec Omnicast Video File (.g64) file type, with reference to Genetec's proprietary multimedia container format used in their video surveillance systems, such as Genetec Omnicast. G64 accommodates compressed video streams with date/time stamps and features extended metadata and bookmark support.

The .g64 file is a surveillance video archive in Genetec's native G64 format. As a rule, such files have long filenames that contain references to the camera's location and the time of recording, each providing footage for a certain time period, e.g., 20 minutes. When exported from Security Desk, the G64 video files can be additionally protected with a watermark or data encryption. The encrypted video files receive the .gek extension, instead of .g64. Playback of both .g64 and .gek files requires Genetec's software, such as Genetec Security Desk, Genetec Video Player, or the free Portable Archive Player.

Alternatively, the .g64 extension represents the Commodore 64 Disk Image (.g64) file type/format used by emulators of the once-popular Commodore 64 (C64) 8-bit home computer system. The G64 disk image format was specially developed by the C64 emulation enthusiasts to address the issue of C64 software media (floppy disks). Here, the .g64 file contains a verbatim copy of a physical C64 game or software floppy disk (360 or 640 KB). Intended for C64 emulators, such images (.g64) serve as virtual floppy disks that can be inserted (mounted) or removed. There are unofficial C64 game collections on the Internet, with each game stored as a G64 image of its original medium.

Software to open or convert G64 files

You can open G64 files with the following programs:
WinDS PRO Apps
WinDS PRO Apps by WinDS PRO Central
C64 Forever
C64 Forever by Cloanto
WinDS PRO Apps
WinDS PRO Apps by WinDS PRO
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